Vinyl Record Player Turntable Glossary of Terms

¬†Glossary of Terms As we grow more familiar with the genre, vinyl record enthusiasts can seem like they are speaking a different language. So here at Vinyl Records Accessories, we have put together a Turntable Glossary of ¬†Terms to explain some of the terminologies. Turntable Parts and Components The list below indicates a typical arrangement … Read more

10 Vinyl Record Display Ideas

So, you have more than one copy of a classic or favourite album, or you may have duplicate copies – trust me when you start getting into collecting it is so easy to forget that you already have a copy. Or may be someone has bought you a vinyl record and you already have it … Read more

What Are My Vinyl Records Worth?

What are my vinyl records worth? These days that’s a common question as record albums are making a comeback among casual music fans and hardcore collectors. Establishing vinyl records value can be challenging and requires a fair amount of research; however, some websites can offer assistance. There is a lot to consider when trying to … Read more

Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records at Home

Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records at Home- Clean record

  In this article we are going to discover the best way to clean vinyl records at home. Cleaning records by hand is the most cost-effective way to maintain your records and it can be done at home very easily Why do you need to clean vinyl records? Playing records that are dirty can cause … Read more

How to Buy a Record Player Online

Record player - Vinyl Record Accessories

Let us have a look at what you need to know to buy a record player Where do I start ? Like many who have rediscovered their passion for vinyl records, I had a small collection of vinyl records but had nothing to play them on. After being sold on the ideas of CDs and … Read more

About Gaffer

Gaffer - Vinyl Records Accessories

Hiya Let me tell you a little bit about me and my journey to becoming a bit of a vinyl junky Growing up I could never afford records and used to visit my friends and peers who were collectors, spending hours  listening  to the latest purchases whiling away the hours. Later we would go to … Read more