10 Vinyl Record Display Ideas

So, you have more than one copy of a classic or favourite album, or you may have duplicate copies – trust me when you start getting into collecting it is so easy to forget that you already have a copy. Or may be someone has bought you a vinyl record and you already have it in your collection. Ever wondered what to do with them? Why not put them on display and show them off to your friends or just do so for yourself! Well here we are going to discuss 10 vinyl record display ideas that will get your creative for you!

1. Frame your favorite Records

Imagine putting your favorite records in nice wooden frames and have them on display for guest to see your prized possessions. No harm showing off a little. You could add your favorite lyrics as well. You could even play around with the frame as it does not necessarily have to cover all for sides of the record!

2. Invisible Vinyl Records Wall Mounts

There are lots of invisible wall mounts to discover that give your record collection that wow factor. Your friend will look in wonderment as to how you managed to make you record float on the wall. Invisible wall mounts can be as simple as just inserting one magnet in the printed cover and the other one right above the printed cover so that they are attracting each other.

“Many record jackets are quite beautiful, with quite a bit of creative effort put into making them.” (“Creative Ways to Display a Vinyl Record Collection”)

3. Record Roots

So, Record Roots are a clever modular designed wall hanging frames for your vinyl which allows you to appreciate the album art yet play the record when you want. They come in groups of 8 and be joined together as your collection grows. they are easy to assemble and will enhance your enjoyment of your vinyl collection with it being displayed.

“Instead of covering the walls of your living room in art, try a display of record jackets that can rotate as your mood, preferences and décor changes” (“Creative Ways To Display A Vinyl Record Collection”)

Vinyl Record Display Ideas-Shelves

4. Regular Storage Units

Regular storages are great for storing your records as your collections grows. You will need to have a system to catalogue your collection in order to get to that record you have not played in a while but cannot remember which section it’s in. There are retro and modern units that will fit in with any décor.

5. Floating Wall Shelves

Floating wall displays are minimal and will fascinate your guest as to how you managed to get the vinyl records to hang on the wall with no visible fixings. Again, you can experiment with the shape and sie, you add text like your name or a quote or lyric for that individuality.

6. Floating Deeper Wall Shelves

Deep floating shelve are cool and will be able to hold a large amount of record but be careful with the weight as you do not want to overload the shelves. they can be as thick or as thin as you like as long as they can take the weight of the vinyl records you with to display. There are plenty of examples available

7. Record Crates

When you first think about record crates you may not think display as record crates were the standard, However you can play around with the arrangement, stack them on top of one another, fix to wall or bolt them together – Get creative on a budget! You can also use other form of holder such milk crate or wine boxes

8. Flight boxes

Flight boxes are sturdy and useful for when you are playing out. They can hold around 50 records. They do look cool as a lot of deejays used them back in the day for gigs. The only issue it can be a bit too heavy for transporting around The boxes look cool, but you cannot see the records when closed. there are hover flight boxes that offer a flap down front that give easier access and display opportunities

9.Table-Top Stands

Tabletop storage offer an option for display but may be restricted due to the space available on the table. It is still a fantastic opportunity to show off your vinyl record artwork. You can add text type display stand with words like now “Now Playing” or a quote for more impact.

10. Record Props

Record Props is an elegant solution for highlighting vinyl records. It comes as a three-piece setup easily adjustable for either a wall mount or tabletop display. A great item for any record collector. Stylish wall or tabletop vinyl display

Both record and album covers can be displayed at the same time-No frames

Let s Get Creative

As you grow your collection you will definitely want to see some of your  prized possession on display and easily accessible.

A record display serves as a constant reminder of your love of music and sound. Finding subtle but imaginative ways to echo a passion for music is an amazing way to integrate vinyl and record players into a space is a fantastic opportunity (“Creative Ways to Display a Vinyl Record Collection”)

Adding a record player in a living room console invites guests to pick a record and keep the party going. Keeping the record player accessible to guests means the music never gets stale. Vinyl has a sound of its own, and letting guests feel free to pick a song is a great way to set the tempo of the evening (“Creative Ways to Display a Vinyl Record Collection”)

Whenever you are able, your vinyl records should be displayed and enjoyed rather than being stuck in a box or closet. There is no way to appreciate the beautiful cover artwork when they’re stuck in a storage box or record crate. So, get creative and let me know of your favourite ideas for vinyl record display.

Check out this video for how to store and protect your records!

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